Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Take One Gigantic Catch up

Well so start off, we did Race for the cure in April. One of Stevens co-workers is in remission so we joined their team and it was a bright sunny day. The co-worker, Amy, was just growing back her hair and in an effort of comraderie, Steven and Caden both did their hair in a similar faux hawk like she wears it. And Caden was not happy about it.

 It's always a good day for me when the kids fall asleep in the car
 And also in April we finished the boxes under the sink. I tell you what...I'm not sure what the whole thing is with pallet furniture and making stuff out of pallets....That's stupid! It took me and Steven DAYS to rip apart two pallets to get enough wood to make these 4 boxes when it would have cost less that $10 in lumber. Yes they look old. yes, its reclaimed, blah blah blah, whatever, not worth it, buy new and burn your old junk.
 Caden's happy place

 This little boy loves to snuggle

 Evelyn's Ballet Class
The kids love pulling weeds. buckets and buckets of weeds. They have the little wagon and would drive it around and fill up the yard waste bin every week

 And the best news of the spring...Eveyn got mulloscum
 which quickly spread to Caden...Hats off to Jakey for that one. HA. Jk Jk we love little Jakey and once we figured out what it was, it was actually quite easy to resolve. At first they told us to expect it to last 18months- 2 years but Evelyn's only stuck around a few months and Caden's just a few weeks. The pediatrician said its basically a rite of passage for childhood so looks like we're not missing out on anything.
 And for mother's day I made truffles. Best idea ever if I do say so myself. The lemon ones were my favorite.
We spent a lot of time downstairs in preparation for our yard sale and Caden had himself a right nice little tea party
 Caden also had his first successful dental appointment. Up until this appointment, I had to hold him in my lap and he's no lap child.
 I like to caption this one "they say you're a freak when you're having fun"
 And little Miss Evelyn may just be the best helper I know. I HATE shopping at Winco but I'm on a budget (whatever) and it's the cheapest, and she bags the groceries like a champ!

 I seriously don't know how I managed to only take one picture of all the stuff we had at the yard sale but this is it. Our entire garage, living room, dining room, and two rooms downstairs were full of stuff. And it was far too time consuming and won't happen again but Grammy and Papa helped out a ton and we made a bit of cash and we're moving on with life.
 This is how Caden helped at the sale

 With the things the kids sold in the sale they both bought new bikes for themselves. It was a happy day.
 Caden went with Star Wars
 And Evelyn with a super rainbow
 This is the first complete family picture Caden has ever drawn. He even drew my curly hair and Steven's glasses
 After the yard sale was over, I was lucky enough to be asked to plan, decorate, and cater an event and it was a lot of fun. If I could work with people like this family every time, I would do this all the time.  See my fancy hair net for safety measures...down in lunch lady land

With the sweet extra doe from the event and from the yard sale I was able to finish furnishing the living room and get dining room table, like a big one. And quite a bit other home stuff and projects to do. Caden helped me load this nice orange chair.

And Evelyn had her dance recital in June and she was the cutest garden gnome you ever did see

And handsome Caden, well he wanted a hair cut so I let him peruse pinerest and pick out a new style and if it's even possible, he's even more handsome than before
For memorial day weekend, Evelyn chose and created the dessert. It turned out really nice and was a big hit. She did such a nice job

 Caden discovered the best possible hiding spot....inside his toy box and then he'll pull stuff on top of himself
 And the last week of Kindergarten we got to join Evelyn on a trip to Manito Park. It was a real nice day

So that's to the second week of June. The rest of June and the July to come in Part two of the gigantic catch up